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Silicon Alley: 10 New York Startups to Watch

TechCrunch Disrupt was last week, showcasing New York’s most cutting edge startups. If there was ever any debate, Silicon Alley is hot on the heels of Silicon Valley. According to Startup Genome's Global Startup Ecosystem Report and Ranking 2017, NYC is currently the 2nd largest startup ecosystem in the world. The Concrete Jungle is going digital. New York is an attractive option for young tech companies for many reasons, including the strong talent pool and the innovative, entrepreneurial spirit that has grown to be synonymous with The Big Apple. Not to mention, NYC is also a media mecca – and it can't hurt to be close to Wall Street if you're trying to raise capital. With so many tech startups emerging in our buzzing metropolis, here is the definitive list of who to keep an eye out for this year...


Marketers Face A Fresh Set Of Challenges In 2017

Last month the Hotwire team attended a 2-day Forrester conference to hear from leading brands, publishers, agencies and analysts about the current and future state of marketing. From topics like trust and authenticity, brand safety and creating human connections in the digital age to ad fraud and consumer tech trends, Forrester covered it all. Below are our top three takeaways and tips for marketers.


Influencer Marketing In The Customer-Centric Organization

A martech company, a major technology organization, an agency, and a publisher walk into a room. No, it’s not the beginning of a bad joke, but rather what happened at last week’s SOMA meeting on influencer marketing. SOMA is the Society of Marketers Anonymous, and it’s a place for communications professionals to discuss the failures and follies of our craft – along with the successes – in order to learn from one another. You won’t find Twitter chats outlining what was discussed or Instagram posts from the event since one of the principles of SOMA is anonymity. If no names are revealed then marketers can more easily admit when they’ve made mistakes and what they learned. Instead of identifying who said what, we’ll be looking at the four key learnings from the session.


Rise To The Top: Easy SEO Fixes To Help Your Customers Find Your Content

SEO. Many of us have heard that magical buzzword bandied around at conferences and on popular content blogs. We know we need to have it, but perhaps we don’t understand what it is or why it’s needed. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a broad term for ways to orient your content toward performing well on sites like Google and Bing. As Google is the biggest player in most markets, it’s often easiest to think “what would Google do?”


Making Measurement Non-Negotiable

No conference worth its salt is complete without a call to action for the delegates, and so the AMEC Summit in Bangkok has been no different. AMEC CEO Barry Leggetter issued a call to the delegates to discuss how to make measurement non-negotiable. Given this was to a bunch of measurement geeks most of whom had travelled long distances to attend a summit on measurement was rather like a Priest calling the faithful to prayer.


Learn The Language Or Not Be Heard

Where else but at a global summit on measurement can you hear measurement compared to Esperanto, quantum theory, Spiderman and torture in one day. These sound bites captured the attention of the 200 or so international delegates drawn to the first ever AMEC (Association of Measurement & Evaluation in Communications) conference in Asia.


We’re Just Getting Started

It’s hard to believe that just six months ago, I experienced one of the most exciting times in my career. Becoming part of Hotwire PR after running my own agency for more than 25 years was both thrilling and scary. I had deflected many suitors over the years, thinking I needed to stay independent to see my vision of a technology focused agency, bent on changing the rules, come true. But I could not be more thrilled to now take on the role of Group CEO for Hotwire and expand my vision beyond North America.


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…Only When It Tells The Right Story

Today we are constantly bombarded by content – and it’s only increasing. In fact, 74% of marketers use visual assets in their marketing. This is no surprise, as visuals are not only more engaging and digestible, but also, 41% of buyers actually express desire to access interactive/visual content on demand. Good content always leads with a strong story that’s relevant to your audience and provides actionable insight. When shaping stories for our clients, I tend to follow the pattern that asks four questions...