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Decoding Content Marketing Data To Measure Success

Adding a content strategy to your marketing mix is no longer enough to get you ahead of the curve. To have a shot at rising above the noise, you must continually measure the effectiveness of your content, evaluate the results, adjust accordingly, and measure some more. But with so much data coming out of all our digital platforms, how do we know what we should pay attention to and what it means?


Don’t Let Your Brand Just Happen

WHAT MAKES A BRAND SUCCESSFUL? Every year global brand reports analyze thousands of brands, telling us which ones are grabbing attention and gaining momentum, which ones are driving change and growth, and which ones are giving us better choices, richer experiences, and more meaningful narratives. So the answer seems simple: a successful brand is that one that meets our expectations, moves fast, and is adaptive. It is the one that makes things happen for us. Yet, the answer is so much more complex.


Of Taxes And Tales

Leaving political opinions aside for a moment, (how very 2015 of us!), this year has already delivered some remarkable lessons for communications professionals. Media training anyone?
The Maddow ‘reveal’ last night though gave me particular pause for thought, and not because of the content of the news per se. If you work in communications with integrated narratives on a fairly regular basis, what we saw unfold last night was fascinating.


The Customer Journey: Unlocking The True Value Of Content Through Personal Experiences

The average person encounters roughly 285 pieces of content daily, served with a side of more branded content. Content is the currency with which to grab customer attention and loyalty—content is king. Indeed, a 2017 study by the Content Marketing Institute shows that 89% of B2B marketers use content as part of their marketing strategy. I am not here to tell you that those marketers are wrong, that content is less important than you think in grabbing your customers’ attention.


Rising Above The Content Clutter With Paid Media

As brands increasingly flood social and digital properties with new content, even the best pieces are struggling to be discovered. When audiences encounter roughly 285 pieces of content daily, how can you ensure that yours is rising through the clutter?


Don’t Build Your PPT Like It’s 1999

Let’s face it; we all have to make presentations — and the most common and arduous tool is PowerPoint, unless you’re one of the lucky few to use Keynote (or better yet unconventional platforms like Prezi). As presentations evolve, the flashy trends of the 90s still seem to have held on — people continue to present word art and transition slides tending to induce epilepsy, or at the very least a graphic designer’s gag reflex.

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