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Part III: PR’s big CES opportunity – it’s all about video

When I was a kid, I was obsessed by TV and how shows were made. One trip to appear on a Saturday morning show – to cook, believe it or not – only left me more fascinated by the whole process. And back then that process was complicated and expensive. Equipment was out of reach for me and my friends when we were growing up, even low-quality domestic camcorders. Fast forward to today – we all have a production suite in our pockets. I recently attended a DJI drone launch and shot a video on an iPhone and then edited it on an iPad on the train home. When I eventually got to study broadcast production as a college student, we needed a room of equipment to make that happen. Why does this matter now? Well, CES is almost here and I'm going exclusively to make video. I honestly think it shows the start of an industry-wide shift.


Insight is a precious word. Use it wisely.

Our group head of engagement, John Brown, looks at the overuse of the word insight and reflects on Hotwire’s inaugural 2017 communication trends event.

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