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Health Tech is a rapidly evolving category that delivers ever more sophisticated technology solutions for the provision and management of healthcare.

Advancements in medical and pharmaceutical science have prolonged life expectancies but as a consequence, has placed increasing pressure on the delivery and management of health services. Clinicians and administrators alike are looking to the next generation of technology not just to help drive efficiencies but to make a positive contribution in many facets of health including remote diagnostics, mHealth provision, patient records and overall health management.

Disruption within the sector, fuelled by the demand for products and services, the availability of patient data and the need for intelligent, secure and interoperable systems is revolutionising healthcare provision and management.

As consumers, we are increasingly familiar with wearables and with the benefits of lifestyle and health oriented mobile apps. But it’s in patient care that Health Tech has the potential to make the most dramatic impact on the quality of life and on the management of many conditions.

Technologies and equipment that helps to increase, maintain or improve the functional capabilities and independence of a patient or telehealth solutions that can monitor physiological data remotely have the potential to revolutionise the provision of healthcare while building a more efficient healthcare service. Technological innovation is the future of healthcare; from empowering savvy patients through mHealth devices, to using analytics and creating information systems which enable faster accessibility to patient data leading to higher impact clinical decision making.

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Thought Leadership

Posted by Neeraj Shah, via Political Intelligence

Health Tech Alliance learns about NHS Improvement’s ‘Getting It Right First Time’ programme

The Health Tech Alliance’s members were delighted to hear from Rachel Yates, Managing Director and Deputy SRO of the ‘Getting It Right First’ (GIRFT) programme, at our last meeting on 18th July.

Led by frontline clinicians, GIRFT is a national programme designed to reduce unwarranted variations in service and practice, and to improve the quality of medical and clinical care. The programme was borne out of a 2012 report by Professor Tim Briggs. Having examined the state of England’s orthopaedic surgery provision, Briggs suggested changes to improve pathways to care, patient experience and outcomes. A first pilot for orthopaedic surgery, hosted at the NHS Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital Trust (RNOH) in partnership with NHS Improvement’s Operational Productivity Directorate, has already helped to deliver efficiencies and savings of up to £30 million.

Following the success of the pilot, GIRFT was initially expanded to a further 10 medical specialities and was recently expanded to 30+ specialities. GIRFT is firmly embedded within NHS Improvement’s thinking. NHS England’s ‘Next Steps on the Five Year Forward View’ estimates that the programme will deliver savings to the tune of £400m in 2017/18. Indeed, the programme’s latest report on national general surgery believes that if more acute hospitals introduced consultant-led surgical assessments at their ‘front door’ there could be as much as 30% fewer emergency admissions a year – saving £108m annually.

Despite its widely-acclaimed merits and projected benefits, the GIRFT programme still faces big challenges. The visits first conducted by the GIRFT team, for example, had varying impact and did not always meet with the desire audience – surgeons, most notably. Whilst the project is clinician-led, it requires a degree of buy-in from managerial staff – change cannot occur if both are not on-side. Similarly, it is not immediately clear exactly how GIRFT fits in with Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) and there have been claims of overlap with NHS England’s ‘RightCare’ initiative, the body’s drive to reduce unwarranted variation in the commissioning of services, and to provide patients with better information and tools to decide on their own treatment.

About the Health Tech Alliance

The Health Tech Alliance is an informal coalition of health technology companies who wish to improve the process for reimbursement for health tech solutions and work collaboratively with decision-makers within Government, NHS England, NICE and others to resolve market access obstacles.

Members include: Accuray, Airsonett, Boston Scientific, FirstKind Medical, Intuitive Surgical, Second Sight, Stent Tek and Urethrotech.

Membership benefits include: regular face-to-face engagement with senior decision-makers, exclusive opportunities to hear from key stakeholders about major announcements, guidance on understanding the NHS’s reimbursement policies and NICE approvals, sharing of best practice, networking and collaboration, and opportunities to showcase new technology developments.

To learn more about the Alliance’s forthcoming meetings and activities, please contact

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100 Health Tech Influencers

2016 has been marked as the year digital health begins to reach its potential. Hot Topics introduces the 100 most influential drivers of the Health Tech revolution, globally.

HT100 Healthtech update

Healthcare is currently undergoing a digital revolution, and its rapidly developing relationship with technology is beginning to shape potentially one of the largest industry sectors in the world.

The digital sector and its stakeholders began to acknowledge the role of technology within the healthcare system barely five years ago, but it has since allowed a reservoir of investor capital, startup creation, and consumer adoption to explode.

By 2020, it is projected that $102 billion will be spent on health and wellness technology across nine different markets, and the growing value of the global Health Tech market pushes well over $100 trillion.

It’s development has been hotly anticipated: the healthcare industry was initially slow to adopt innovative solutions within its services, but recent traction points towards a rewarding future.

Driving this growth is not only technology innovation, but behavioural changes in the general public’s attitude towards health and wellbeing, regulatory changes – in the US in particular – are beginning to open up the space to entrepreneurship, and changing demographics are forcing governments to ameliorate the effects of an ageing population.

These macro-trends go some way to explain the perfect storm scenario that Health Tech is predicted to experience this year.

Crucial to the safe, responsible, efficient and productive delivery of each Health Tech innovation are the many people, healthcare influencers, across the world, that seek to improve the consumption and experience of care.

Of those, there are 100 Health Tech influencers who operate as practitioners, founders, investors, digital leaders, government representatives, consultants and pharmaceutical heads that have a particular knowledge of their field, product or service, that truly makes them influential in these important, early, days of Health Tech.

There are challenges to the future of Health Tech that both unique and common, but these 100 Health Tech influencers that cover and represent such a vast digital sub-sector are driving digital innovation in each area of their particular space.

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