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"Hotwire consistently brings new and original creative ideas to the table so that we keep pushing the boundaries in terms of the results we achieve."

- Daniel Mauerhofer, Head of Public Relations WD

Everyone’s an influencer

We’re an agency built around the characters within the business and it’s our people that enable us to take a broader view of what PR is, and what it can do. The success of any project hinges on the talent responsible for it. We place a lot of emphasis on this by ensuring that every Hotwire office is a great place to work and play. In turn this attracts the most talented people out there.

Open for business

Straightforward, honest and accountable from day one. We’ve challenged the traditional way of pricing a project, which also means our business model is different as well. We did this so that every client (at any time) can see where every Pound, Dollar, Euro, Dinar, Peso, Ruble, Krone, Rupee, Rand or Quetzal* they spend with us goes.

*Guatemalan Quetzal

"The Hotwire team consistently rocks it for GoPro across Europe. They not only get how to reach the most influential people for us, but also know them personally. "

- Rick Loughery, Director of Communications GoPro
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Sectors we work in

Hotwire’s PR and communications experts work in Sector Practice teams to give you our in-depth knowledge and experience of sectors.

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