What are cookies?
Cookies are small text-based files that are downloaded to your computer when you go on websites. They store information about how you interacted with the website – for example, whether you’ve ticked a check box to save a preference for something, or if you’ve added an item to your checkout on an online store.

So what is the cookie law all about?

The EU Cookie Initiative has been brought in (May 26) as part of the EU Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive (Nov ’09), which is in place to protect Internet users when browsing online. The law dictates that if a website is to use cookies to collect information, they now must tell you. This is because cookies can be used maliciously.

The cookie law helps ensure transparency between a website and its users.

So how does Hotwire use cookies?

The main Hotwire website uses three sets of cookies:

  • Google Analytics. These are used as part of the Google Analytics software, which helps us understand where our web traffic comes from. You can view further details about their privacy policy here –;
  • ShareThis. If you look in the top-right, you’ll see some buttons to share this website on various social media platforms. Cookies are used for this web application. View their privacy policy here –;
  • ComScore. ComScore is a market research company and integrates itself as part of ShareThis. View their privacy policy here –

The Hotwire Blog features these cookies:
Google Analytics. As above;

  • Disqus. This is our commenting system and the cookies are used as part of the login system;
  • Quantcast/QuantServe. This is in place on all WordPress blogs, which is what Hotwire uses. You can view their privacy policy here –;
  • WordPress Mobile Pack.  This is a plugin used to distinguish whether you are accessing our blog from a mobile device, and stores a cookie to remember your preferences;
  • ShareThis. As above;
  • LinkedIn. This is used as part of the sharing and social integration on our blog. You can view their privacy policy here –

If you have any further questions about how we use cookies, please contact us at .

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