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Making Measurement Non-Negotiable

No conference worth its salt is complete without a call to action for the delegates, and so the AMEC Summit in Bangkok has been no different. AMEC CEO Barry Leggetter issued a call to the delegates to discuss how to make measurement non-negotiable. Given this was to a bunch of measurement geeks most of whom had travelled long distances to attend a summit on measurement was rather like a Priest calling the faithful to prayer.


Learn The Language Or Not Be Heard

Where else but at a global summit on measurement can you hear measurement compared to Esperanto, quantum theory, Spiderman and torture in one day. These sound bites captured the attention of the 200 or so international delegates drawn to the first ever AMEC (Association of Measurement & Evaluation in Communications) conference in Asia.


Driverless Cars, Robots, and Machine Learning, Oh My!

There is a growing volume of rhetoric about how artificial intelligence (AI) and robots will replace the work of comms professionals, whether it’s through robo-journalism, automated social posts, or customer service bots. However, the reality is we’re spending far more time talking about these looming changes than acting on them. And for me, this isn’t a bad thing - we are comms experts after all. The biggest benefit I’m seeing from these discussions is, whether you’re using AI or bots in your daily work or not, the hype around these technologies is forcing us into thinking differently about our profession and what we can competitively offer businesses.